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About Solidworks Course

A SolidWorks course is a training program designed to teach individuals how to use SolidWorks, which is a popular computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Dassault Systèmes. SolidWorks is widely used in various industries for creating 3D models, assemblies, and drawings for product design, engineering analysis, and manufacturing.

Course Content Of Solidworks

  • Overview of SolidWorks software and its applications
  • Understanding the user interface, navigation tools, and basic functionalities
  • Basic sketching tools and techniques
  • Constraints, dimensions, and relations for parametric sketches
  • Advanced sketching features like splines, arcs, and curves
  • Creating 3D solid models from 2D sketches
  • Extrusions, revolutions, sweeps, and blends for feature creation
  • Advanced modeling techniques including filets, chamfers, and patterns
  • Generating 2D engineering drawings from 3D models
  • Creating drawing views, dimensions, annotations, and symbols
  • Customizing drawing templates and standards
  • Creating and editing complex surfaces using wireframes and curves
  • Lofting, sweeping, and blending surfaces for organic shapes
  • Advanced surface editing and manipulation tools
  • Designing welded structures and frames
  • Creating weld beads, filets, and grooves
  • Generating weldment cut lists and drawings
  • Managing design data, revisions, and configurations in SolidWorks PDM
  • Collaborating with team members, suppliers, and partners using SolidWorks collaboration tools
  • Interoperability with other CAD software and file formats
  • Advanced modeling techniques for complex geometry
  • Design automation with configurations and design tables
  • Using equations and parameters to drive design changes
  • Hands-on projects and exercises to reinforce learning
  • Real-world design challenges and case studies
  • Final project to demonstrate proficiency in SolidWorks skills
  • Review sessions and practice exams to prepare for SolidWorks certification exams
  • Tips and strategies for successful exam completion

Career Opportunities In Solidworks

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Manufacturing Engineer

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Caddesk Mehdipatnam is considered the best Solidworks training institute for specific reasons. We are providing 100% placement assistance in Hyderabad. We are providing training with industry experts. Quality instruction plays a vital role in ensuring that students receive effective training and are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. We are providing individual mentors for the students.


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SolidWorks is a powerful 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software used for modeling, simulation, and rendering of mechanical components and assemblies.

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